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Rialto Wi-Fi Thermostat & Accessories

Rialto Wi-Fi Thermostat & Accessories

Rialto Wi-Fi Thermostat Comfort Kit

The Rialto Wi-Fi Thermostat Comfort Kit comprises of a Rialto Smart Thermostat, a White Box Control Unit, and the Free App which can control the system remotely from any location. The comfort kit is required to be installed before any accessories can be added. The Rialto Wi-Fi system is compatible with all heating systems and can also integrate other smart home technology applications. The Kit includes:

Danfoss Ally™ Wi-Fi Radiator Thermostats
Rialto integrates seamlessly with Danfoss Ally™ Wi-Fi radiator thermostats. Danfoss Ally™ thermostats attach directly to the individual room radiators, enabling wireless smart control of individual room temperatures through the Rialto white box.

Rialto Smart Thermostat
Rialto wireless smart thermostat, powered by 2xAA batteries.

White Box Control Unit
White Box central control unit, can manage up to 12 independent thermostats. Easy to configure and add additional thermostats for individual room climates.

Smart Phone App
Smart Phone App allowing remote wifi operation. Users can change the temperature from anywhere, at anytime, simply by using the App on their smart phone or tablet. The App is iPhone, iPad and Android compatible.

Additional Thermostats
Additional Rialto wireless smart thermostats are available separately. Powered by 2xAA batteries. Connects to an existing Rialto Kit already installed.

Rialto Signal Repeater
The Rialto signal repeater extends the range from the White Box control unit for greater signal reach. Ideal for large households with seperate living areas. Power supply 230Vac.

Rialto Smart Switch
Programs electrical loads, with built in energy meter. Max Power 13A @ 230V. Manual on/off button, status indicator LED, wall mounts. Powered by 230V.

Rialto Smart Relay
Wireless Relay with voltage free contact. Resistive land max 13A @ 230V. Connection with terminals, manual on/off button, wall mounts. Powered by 230V.

Rialto Smart Meter
Power and Energy Meter using split core CT (70A). Measures up to 15kW single phase, provides awareness and measuring of electricity usage. Wall mounts, powered by 230V.

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