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Honeywell DT90 Digital Room Thermostat

Honeywell DT90 Digital Room Thermostat

Designed to provide comfort with economy in modern heating systems. Digital non-programmable on/off thermostat with large LCD display and simple user interface make DT90 extremely easy to use. Energy efficiency is addressed by state-of-the-art TPI control performance and an ECO button energy saving feature.

For general purpose control of boilers, zone valves, pumps, thermal actuators, electric heaters and fan-coil units.

HydroHeat also stock Honeywell indoor and outdoor sensors, as well as lockable thermostat covers.

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  • Extra-Large Backlit Display: The DT90 display features large characters and high contrast screen, important for those with impaired vision.
  • Simple Interface: The user interface has been made as simple aspossible to make DT90 very easy to use.
  • Off/Standby Button: The off/standby button allows DT90 to switch off theheating system at the touch of a button.
  • Installer Mode: The Installer Mode is where DT90 can be configuredfor different applications, and customized to meet the needs of the user.
  • NVRAM Storage of Settings:
    All parameter settings are stored in a special kind ofmemory called NVRAM so they will be retained indefinitely even if the batteries are removed.
  • Advanced Self-learning TPI Control:
    DT90 uses a self-learning ‘fuzzy logic’ time-proportional control algorithm. This form of control is better than conventional PI control as it has a faster response and better performance in steady state conditions, ensuring significant energy savings.
  • 24 …230V 8(3)A SPDT Potential Free Contact Rating:
    The DT90 switching relay has a high specification and wide switching range, suitable for most domestic applications. As the thermostat is battery powered, only a 2 wire connection is required to operate the load.