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BAXI Mago Wi-Fi Thermostat


BAXI Mago is the modulating chronothermostat with integrated wi-fi, designed to simplify the life of installers and end users. It allows to control your home comfort (boiler, heat pump) via mobile application thanks to the wi-fi connection*, wherever you are. The App can be donwloaded from your smartphone or tablet and it is possible to connect one or more households to: control the heating, manage the schedule, display consumptions, display boiler fault diagnosis, set holiday mode, etc.

An innovative tool with a unique design, combining extreme ease of use and modern design.

Aesthetically pleasing and easy to use!
Thanks to the knob and to the back-lighted display the temperature can be easily adjusted. The display screen is easy to read. Presence detection allows the unit to light up when you approach it. The intuitive menu has a top button to select and confirm operation and a bottom button to go back and return to Home screen.

Quick Auto Programming
Quick Auto Programming automatically creates a schedule based on your habits after answering few questions.

Multiple smartphones or tablets control option
Pairing the device allows the heating control, wherever you are. Multiple smartphones or tablets control option is available, so each member of the family can interact.

It follows your schedule!
Schedule your central heating to come on when you need it, setting two different weekly schedules. It is also possible to create five different scenarios related to multiple temperature requirements (“day”, “night”, “evening”, “out of home”, etc.).

Consumptions under control
It provides a guide to how much energy your heating system is using showing weekly, monthly or annual consumptions graphs.

It helps you saving money!
BAXI Mago allows you saving money on your energy bills: thanks to the control from smartphone or tablet, it is possible to reduce the temperature while you are away, with saving on consuptions. Furthermore, it modulates the power of the boiler with less consumptions both on heating and DHW production.

Trade / Specifiers Portal

Access BAXI Mago Wi-Fi Thermostat Data, Spec & Install Sheets in our Trade / Specifiers Portal.


  • Current temperature visualisation
  • Outdoor temperature visualisation
  • Water pressure visualisation
  • Connection status check
  • Connection fault alarm
  • Back-lighted display
  • Clock change via Internet
  • Accept terms and conditions
  • Settings and password change
  • Pairing Baxi Mago (up to 7 room units)
  • Multiple smartphones or tablets control option
  • Setting consumption currency
  • Measurement unit and rate €/kWh
  • Control of appliances connected to Baxi Mago
  • Customisation of the main screen display (Home screen)
  • DHW settings**
  • DHW scheduling**
  • 2 DHW temperature scenarios**
  • Changing Room Unit name
  • Boiler fault messages visualisation (push notification)
  • Setting temperature in °C or °F
  • List of error messages (history)
  • Heating curve customisation*
  • Pre-heating function**
  • Auto start mode
  • Setting cooling/heating time**
  • Setting outdoor temperature limit*
  • Consumption setting with min/max/DHW mode**
  • Water circuit filling function**
  • Graph of energy consumption in DHW mode**
  • And more...