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BAXI Luna Duo-Tec E Condensing Boiler

BAXI Luna3 Comfort

The BAXI Duo-Tec E range is ideal for high demand residential use. Gas condensing technology extracts and reuses heat from burnt gases to deliver Sedbuk A rated efficiency and reduce noxious waste making the Duo-Tec E one of the greenest and most efficient residential boilers on the Australian market.

Class leading 1:7 modulation ‘turndown’ ratio adjusts heat output to suit demand, reducing ‘on-off’ cycling for ultra smooth energy efficient operation, increased longevity and gas savings.

As we move to the future, the Duo-Tec E is ‘Hydrogen Capable’ and can blend 20% hydrogen into the natural gas mix to substantially reduce carbon emissions.

The BAXI Duo-Tec E comes with a 3 year Boiler Warranty and 5 year Heat Exhanger Warranty.

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BAXI Luna3 Comfort Conventional Boiler

BAXI Duo-Tec E Features

  • Condensing technology 105% efficient at 50/30º
  • 1:7 modulation ‘turndown’ ratio adjusts to load prevents ‘on-off’ short cycling, reduces operating cost
  • Reduced waste gases (up to 80% NOx, 90% CO)
  • Gas Adaptive auto adjusts to NG or LPG supply
  • AGA approved indoor & outdoor models
  • Available in heating only (12-32kW) or combi heating and domestic hot water (24-40kW)
  • Simple control panel with LCD display
  • Front access for easy servicing
  • Stainless Steel burner, Stainless Steel heat exchanger, WaterMark certified
  • Modulating fan with electronic speed adjustment
  • High-Flow rate Modulating Pump
  • Wifi thermostat integration
  • Warranty 3 Yr Boiler, 5 Yr Heat Exchanger
  • 20% Hydrogen blend ready

Control System

  • Safety NTC sensor to prevent flue overheati
  • Electronic flame modulation and electronic ignition
  • Overheat limit thermostat
  • 300kPa pressure relief valve
  • Hydraulic pressure switch to prevent boiler operating in the event of low water
  • System to prevent 3 way valve and pump sticking, cycles every 24 hours
  • Frost protection device
  • Easy to clean domestic water filter