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Trench Heating

ISAN Termo Trench Convector Radiator

HydroHeat supply the ISAN Termo trench convector radiator. The ISAN Termo is a high quality, safe and efficient trench heating solution for both residential and commercial.

The Termo is available in a wide range of lengths from 700mm right up to 48000mm for large window expanses where no wall fittings can be used. A range of grill styles are available in wood, aluminium or stainless steel.

The ISAN Termo is eco-friendly and features safe low voltage 24V DC operation, with a Lamellar heat exchanger to aid rapid heat exchange which is further enhanced by the use of Tangential fans to increase convection heat output. The convector tank is made of galvanised steel for long life.

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Operating voltage:
Convector supply by low voltage of 230V AC, protection by earth. Operation under ecologic and safe voltage of 24V DC.

Heat exchanger:
AL/Cu Lamellar Exchanger – Cu-tubes and thermo-exchanging Al-lamellar’s.

Convector tank:
STEEL TANK – made of galvanized steel with spray layer.

Wood, Aluminium and Stainless Steel type grilles available.

Standard regulation under the operating voltage of 230V.
Three stages; heating medium circulation and revs blocking available.
Various Heat outputs available.
Convector running regulation according to ambient temperature. Speed correction, frost protection.

Standard floor convectors should be cleaned with care in order to avoid damage to the Lamellar exchanger.


  • Penthouses, apartments
  • Luxury Homes
  • Commercial offices, corridors
  • High heating efficiency
  • Forced convection by tangential fans
  • Noiseless run