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Fitting Lubricants and Sealants

Loxeal Thread Sealant & Redback Tap Lubricant

HydroHeat stock known quality Lubricants and Sealants to assist with piping system installation. These are essential for effective installation of Gerpex system fittings, pipes and manifolds.

LOXEAL Sealant

Loxeal Engineering Adhesive 58.11 is a High Pressure Thread Sealant for Gas and Liquids. Oxygen BAM tested, Potable Water and WRAS approved. Class III: LP Gas Storage. Rated Working Pressure 2,000kPa Accredited and approved AGA# 5048 AS4623.

RedBack Tap Lubricant

Specifically designed for the lubrication of standard jumper valve taps and gate valves, Redback Tap Lubricant has a working range of between -10° to 150°. Non toxic, non corrosive, safe to use in tap O-rings. Paraffin based, approved for Potable water, comes in 70g container.

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