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Emmeti Gerpex Multilayer Pipe

Emmeti Gerpex Multilayer Pipe

Emmeti Gerpex Multilayer Pipe is the ideal solution for use with In-Screed floor panel heating systems. It combines the usability and durability advantages of a plastic pipe to the sturdiness and dimensional stability to temperature and pressure of a metal pipe.

The multilayer construction is a hi-tech composite material in which a PE-Xb (cross linked polyethylene) pipe is bonded to an aluminium core (minimum thickness 0.3mm) and welded on top, then coated on the outside with another layer of PE-Xb.

Gerpex Multilayer Pipe is an all round solution for most hydronic system applications. The maleable, easy to bend properties of the aluminium core make Multilayer (16mm) ideal for use with castellated flooring panels (lego board) in floor heating applications.

Multilayer pipe is available as insulated or non-insulated in range of sizes from 16-32mm OD. Certified to international standards.

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Technical Data Gerpex Multilayer Pipe

  • Construction / Type: Multilayer Composite aluminium core
  • Pipe range dimensions: 16 – 32mm OD
  • Coil length: 50mt, 100mt rolls
  • Maximum working temperature: 95°C
  • Maximum operating pressure: 10 Bar
  • Minimum bending radius: 5 x OD
  • Water capacity: 0.11 – 0.53 1/m
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.45 W/m°C
  • Thermal expansion coefficient: 0.026 mm/m°C
  • Application: General Plumbing, Floor Heating (castellated panels)

Technical Data – Insulating Sheath

  • Material: Closed-cell expanded polyurethane, covered with extruded LD-PE film
  • Thermal conductivity (at 40 °C): ≤ 0.040 W/mK (UNI EN ISO 8497).Operating temperature: -45°C : +100°C.


At an average temperature of 60°C, with a maximum working pressure of 10 bar, a life expectancy in excess of 50yrs is achieved.

A range of Gerpex accessories and fittings are available to ensure hassle free installation including Gerpex connectors, pipe preparation tools, pipe coil dispensers, tacker guns, pipe clips, castellated panels and bend supports.