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NeutraWater Condensate Neutraliser Filter

NeutraWater Condensate Neutraliser Filter

Neutrawater Condensate Neutralising Filters

For BAXI Residential Boilers up to 35kW.
Neutrawater neutraliser filters are a simple, cheap and effective solution for the treatment of boiler condensate in residential installations up to 35kW. They are an in-line filter which is easy to install and ideal for BAXI Duo-tec GA and BAXI Duo-tec MP (35kW).

The filters return the condensate from an acidic (pH4) state to an alkaline state, allowing for safe disposal to sewer. Neutralisation of condensate preserves the integrity of pipes and allows for environmentally conscious disposal. Comes with 3/4” hose fittings and mounting clamps.

Condens-Stick replaceable cartridges are available to refill and come in 6 packs.

NeutraWater COD-1728

  • In-line filter for use in residential systems
  • 195mm L x 47mm D, 3/4″ M fittings
  • Max pressure 0.5 bar max temp 60º

Condens-Stick Replaceable Cartridges

  • 6 Pack replaceable cartridges for use with COD-1728

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  • Neutralizing filter for the acid condense produced by condensing boilers
  • Help protect the environment
  • Good solution for all condense boiler
  • Easy replace of the cartridge
  • Easy install on boiler drain pipe