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Caleffi DirtMag Dirt Separator

 Caleffi DirtMag Dirt Separator

5453 DirtMag Air Dirt Separator

The Caleffi DIRTMAG® Dirt Separator is capable of removing even the smallest particles, with extremely limited head losses. The large volume of the decanting chamber causes the speed of the medium to decrease and thanks to the custom shape of the internal mesh, facilitates the separation of the contained particles through the action of gravity.

Furthermore the magnetic ring is extremely effective in trapping ferrous impurities, and can be easily removed for quick and easy cleaning. Suitable for all closed systems, can be installed on both horizontal or vertical pipes with adjustable connection. International Patent Pending.

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  • Dirt separator with magnet
  • Technopolymer body
  • Ø 22 and Ø 28 with compression ends
  • Adjustable for horizontal and vertical pipes
  • Drain cock with hose connection
  • Max. working pressure: 3 bar
  • Temperature range: 0–90 °C


  • Can be used to separate all impurities, including ferrous ones, in the thermal medium circulating within air conditioning systems
  • A large decantation chamber reduces the frequency of cleaning, which can also be done while the system is running
  • Extremely quick and easy to clean thanks to the removable magnetic ring and wide drain cock
  • Suitable for all closed circuit systems
  • Can be installed on both horizontal and vertical pipes, thanks to the adjustable connection
  • Low head losses