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Giacomini Modular Manifolds

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Modular Distribution Manifolds available in 2 – 12 circuits. Adjustable modular system can be assembled to suit the amount of circuits required. Ideal for use with circuits pre-blended to lower heating temperatures such as floor heating.

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Floor coil features

  • Hydronic floor coil heating or under floor heating is laid into the concrete slab during construction.
  • Warm water is circulated through the system of pipe work, the floor is heated and radiates warmth throughout the home.
  • Under floor heating is ideally suited to tiled areas and can be set up to run in conjunction with panel radiator systems as well
  • Hydroheat supplies GIACOMINI modular floor coil headers

Construction & Materials

  • Manifold and terminal plugs in brass
  • Mulitfunction valves in brass
  • EPDM seals
  • Brackets in galvanised steel


  • Simple click and twist to assemble modular components and create manifold to custom specification
  • Delivery manifold bar with balancing lockshield valves with mechanical memory, return bar with control shut-off valves with manual handwheel
  • Solid brass construction
  • Connectors for 20mm O.D. poly pipe
  • End fittings with manual air vent, drain cock and mains connnectors
  • Metal supports / brackets
  • Also available with flow meters