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Emmeti TM3 Mixing Manifolds

Emmeti TM3 Mixing Manifolds

The TM3 Mixing Manifold adjusts the incoming temperature from the heat source to a common output temperature ideal for floor heating (approx 45º).

Pre-assembled and available in Thermostatic. Manage temperature using a thermostatic mixing valve, built in temperature gauge and swivel joints for connections to the manifold.

TM3 Mixing Manifold is pre-assembled with integrated Grundfos UPS 25-60 Circulator pump made specifically for circulation of liquid in hydronic heating systems.

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  • Pre-assembled, available in Thermostatic (manual)
  • Integrated Grundfos UPS 25-60 pump and mixing valve with remote probe actuation giving a temperature range of 20 – 70o
  • Temperature management using a thermostatic mixing valve, built in temperature gauge and swivel joints for connections to the manifold
  • Includes throttle to adapt Kv for larger systems. Compatible with the T2 Topway Manifold 210mm centre
  • Metal brackets for wall mount or cabinet
  • 1” manifold connections with EPDM O-ring seals and 1”M connections for primary flow and return

Construction & Materials

  • Manifold in nickel plated brass
  • Mulitfunction valves in nickel plated brass
  • EPDM seals
  • Supports in chrome plated steel

Technical Data

  • Primary circuit maximum temperature: 90°C
  • Maximum pressure: 10 bar
  • Primary circuit max ΔP: 1 bar
  • Secondary control range (thermostatic regulation): 20 – 65°C
  • Heating capacity that can be exchanged: ΔT 7°C, ΔP avail on 0.25 bar)
  • Thermostatic regulation: 10 kW by-pass pos .0
  • Thermostatic regulation: 12.5 kW by-pass pos .5
  • Climatic regulation: 11.5 kW
  • Mixing valve pressure drops (thermostatic regulation): Kv 3
  • Pressure drops with open bypass valve (climactic regulation): Kvmax 4.8
  • Thermometer Scale: Kv 4
  • Mixing unit head threads: 0 – 80°C
  • Topway collectors head threads (where applicable): 1” male
  • Topway collectors end threads: 24 x 19 – takeoffs 50mm
  • Circulator connections : pipe union: 1” ½ takeoffs 130mm