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Emmeti TM2 Top Way Bar Manifolds

Emmeti TM2 Top Way Bar Manifolds

TM2 Top Way Bar Manifolds

The pre-assembled Top Way Bar Manifold is the perfect solution for most hydronic systems. It offers flexibility for various system configurations, with speed and ease of installation. Nickel plated brass, available in 1” from 2 – 12 circuits. Designed for either panel radiator or underfloor heating systems, the TM2 manifold uses a standard type thermostat and double regulating lockshield (or flowmeter).

Can be fitted with electrothermic valves controlled by a thermostat or programmable thermostat via a wiring centre. Top Way manifolds are tested by Emmeti prior to packaging.

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  • Nickel plated extruded brass manifolds pre-assembled, for both radiator and underfloor systems
  • Available in 1” from 2 – 12 circuits with integral double regulating flow control valves to suit a wide range of system sizes
  • Double regulating lockshield per circuit on flow rail allows independent isolation and flow balancing each circuit
  • Return rail integrated electrothermic bodies (ready for electrothermic heads), complete with 24×19 takeoff connections
  • Can be surface mounted, or concealed in a purpose designed
    plastic or metal cabinet within a partition wall
  • Manifold flow and return outlets offset for easy pipe installation
  • Ball valves, threaded fittings and Monobloc pipe connectors
    available to accommodate a wide range of pipe types and sizes


  • All Topway manifold distribution headers and accessories are nickelplated.
  • Brass header retrieved through a bar drawing process TN UNI EN 12168CW614N.
  • Seals in EPDM

Technical data

  • Maximum operating temperature 110 °C
  • Maximum working pressure 10 bar
  • Head thread G 1″
  • Side ways thread M 24×19
  • Note: 24×19 thread – 24 mm gas thread and 19 screw threads for inch.
  • Note: seal on thread of heads ONLY with o-ring