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Emmeti PE-Xa Floor Coil Piping

Emmeti PE-Xa Floor Coil Piping

PE-Xa Floor Heating Barrier Pipe

Emmeti PE-Xa is a durable, quality plastic pipe ideal for use with In-Slab floor heating applications. PE-Xa holds its form and rigidity with good stiffness, making it ideal for use in slab and inscreed applications where the piping is attached directly to the concrete steel Reo prior to pouring and may be exposed to impacts during installation.

PE-Xa piping is made using simple three layer construction. This simple construction allows rapid heat dissipation to the slab. It has an inner layer of PE-Xa (Cross linked Polyethelene), an adhesive layer and then an outer oxygen barrier layer of EVOH (Ethylene Vinyl- Alcohol Resin). As slabs are heated to a lower temperature more rapid heat dissipation improves the efficiency of the system.

The outer EVOH layer prevents permeation of oxygen through the tubing which eliminates corrosion of the metal components in a heating system such as mixing valves, boilers etc.

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Technical Data PE-Xa Pipe

  • Construction Type: 3 layer UFH PE-Xa barrier pipe
  • Pipe range dimensions: 17mm x 2mm Wall Thickness
  • Coil length: 240mtr roll
  • Maximum working temperature: 80°C
  • Maximum operating pressure: 8 Bar
  • Minimum bending radius: 5 x OD = 80mm
  • Water capacity: 0.113 1/m
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.35 W/m°C
  • Thermal expansion coefficient: 1.4 x 10.4 m/m°C
  • Application: In floor or screed heating and cooling


At an average temperature of 50°C, with a maximum working pressure of 8 bar, a life expectancy in excess of 50yrs would be achieved.

A range of accessories and fittings are available to ensure hassle free installation including Emmeti connectors, pipe preparation tools, pipe coil dispensers, tacker guns, pipe clips, castellated panels and bend supports.