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BAXI Power HT+ Condensing Boiler

BAXI Luna3 Comfort

BAXI Power HT+ floor standing condensing boilers for commercial applications. Leading European technology, high efficiency and compact dimensions. AGA Type A appliances approved for indoor and outdoor installation in 50kW, 70kW, 90kW, 110kW, 130kW & 150kW. Type B appliances requiring on-site approvals in 200kW and 250kW.

Single unit installations and cascade systems up to 16 boilers (16 x 250 = 4000kW).

The Power HT+ has a 2 year Boiler Warranty and 5 year Heat Exhanger Warranty.

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BAXI Luna3 Comfort Conventional Boiler

BAXI Power HT+ Features

  • Available in eight models 50 -250kW floor standing
  • Indoor / Outdoor models NG & LPG
  • Rated Efficiency up to 105.5% at 50/30 °C
  • 316 Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger (5 yr warranty)
  • Condensing burner reuses waste flue gases reduces noxious waste (up to 80% NOx, 90% CO)
  • Room sealed option available for installations where ventilation is not sufficient
  • Modulating fan with electronic speed adjustment for constant air/gas ratio
  • Conforms to strict European emissions standards
  • Mixed zone system (high and low temperature) option
  • Optional HLI (High Level Interface) to BACnet, Modbus
  • Facility for DHW connection
  • Readily available system accessories

Modular Cascade installation

  • Cascade install up to 16 boilers (16 x 250 = 4000kW)
  • Connection for indirect DHW cylinder, electrical connections for secondary heating and DHW pump
  • Compact size and weight suits retro fit applications with difficult access plant rooms and roof tops
  • Modulation ‘turndown’ ratio prevents short cycling(1:9 50-110kW, 1:5 130-150kW, 1:6 200-250kW)