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Hydronic heating boilers for commercial projects

Commercial heating and cooling with HydroHeat

12 January 2024
The demand for energy-efficient and environmentally conscious climate control has never been greater. As businesses, institutions and governments seek sustainable solutions to maintain optimal comfort while supporting emissions reduction targets, HydroHeat supports the transformation of commercial spaces with their heating and cooling solutions. Explore the range of commercial projects and applications of hydronic solutions that HydroHeat have implemented to help contribute to substantial energy savings and reduction of environmental impact across the following areas:
  • Health & Aged Care
  • Education
  • Government builds
  • Office buildings
  • Leisure and tourism
  • Retail
Commercial heating and cooling

Enhancing comfort and efficiency in Health & Aged Care settings

Within the demanding environment of healthcare facilities, ensuring optimal comfort and efficiency is paramount. From maintaining precise temperatures in critical care units to providing energy-efficient heating for patient rooms, hydronic products support patient well-being and operational excellence.
Ballarat Health Services (BHS)
With specialist medical and healthcare provision including acute and sub-acute services and being the principal referral hospital for the entire Grampians region in Victoria, reliable and energy efficient boiler systems are vital for Ballarat Health Services. Due to old systems becoming uneconomical to repair, a large-scale strategy was devised, resulting with the upgrade of 14 plant rooms and a grand total of 41 new commercial boilers and additional ancillary equipment. Product overview:
  • 14 Plant-rooms upgraded – 13 HHW plants with boilers in cascade + 1 DHW plant
  • 30 x Luna Duo Tec MP+ boilers (combination of 50/60/90/110kW models)
  • 3 x Power HT 150 kW boilers
  • 8 MP+ 110 kW boilers to be commissioned for additional Plant Rooms
  • Ancillary equipment including: Condensate Treatment Tanks, Hydraulic Separators, Heat Exchangers
  • Additional Health and Aged Care projects by HydroHeat:
    • Mansfield hospital
    • New build hospital
    • Aged Care Centre, Clarinda : 120 low surface temperature radiators installed
    • Mooroolbark Aged Care
    Commercial hydronic heating

    Cost effective commercial heating and cooling for Education

    From classrooms and high traffic university campuses to dormitory accommodation, hydronic heating and cooling products are reshaping the way educational institutions manage their climate control needs. Innovative systems and solutions are enhancing student comfort, improving energy efficiency, and promoting a more sustainable future for learning and living spaces. Low surface temperatures, high returns

    A new Melbourne based early learning centre opted for the installation of 19 radiator panels, each with low surface temperature covers attached, perfect for safety critical settings. The 19 panels are powered by a BAXI duo-tec boiler, which were installed outside and paired with a stainless-steel flue.

    Savings of up to 90% in Co2 emissions for Performing Arts Centre

    The performing arts centre of a Melbourne secondary college saw an energy boost overall with three new outdoor boilers replacing a single outdated model, installed on a rooftop plant, along with expansion tanks. Cascade controls ensure ongoing energy efficiency. Water pressure requirements are met with Grundfos pumps, with the new condensing boilers providing approximately 20% energy savings and further savings of 30% when cascade operation is in effect. Overall, the condensing boiler technology yields savings of up to 90% in Co2 emissions.

    Commercial boiler Additional Education projects by HydroHeat:
    • Victoria University - Heritage listed heating upgrade retrofit
    • Primary school heating - outdoor plant includes modulating heat pumps
    • Melbourne Polytechnic - cascade controlled condensing boilers
    • University of Melbourne - student accommodation - panel radiators
    • Ormond College, Melbourne University - Heating upgrade
    • University of Launceston - System design schematic
    • Loretto College Chapel, Ballarat - new hydronic heating system
    • Monash University - System Design Schematic
    • University of Ballarat - heating and hot water upgrade
    • Latrobe University - System Design Schematic
    • Clarendon College - boiler upgrade and modulating pumps
    • Chisholm Institute - heating system upgrade
    • Synchrotron research facility - boilers and hydraulic separator installation

    • Commercial boilers elevate energy efficiency in Government builds

      There has been a steady increase of existing government buildings and new developments having hydronic products, such as hydronic boilers, incorporated to increase efficiencies. Creating and maintaining sustainable environments for citizens and staff is made possible with hydronic solutions within existing sites and newly developed public spaces. From Commonwealth offices to public housing, HydroHeat have designed and installed solutions to meet site specific requirements and support sustainability targets.

      Heating upgrade for Commonwealth Offices Constructed in 1911, the Commonwealth Offices Building in Melbourne needed a heating system upgrade to improve energy efficiency and usage to meet government mandates. BAXI boilers were selected for installation in the100 year old heritage listed building.

      Additional Government building projects by HydroHeat:
      • Melbourne Treasury
      • Mort Street, Canberra
      • Phoenix Building
      • Windsor public housing development
      • Victoria Park Community Centre
      • Queen Vic Women’s Centre

      Energy efficient commercial office complexes

      The pursuit of an efficient and sustainable working environment has continued at pace across any industry needing to have physical office sites, particularly after the global pandemic. Hydronic heating and cooling solutions offer many positive benefits for the contemporary office landscape, reshaping the way businesses manage their climate control needs, supporting employee productivity, reducing operational costs, and contributing to a more comfortable workplace environment. HVAC suppliers HydroHeat supported the boiler upgrades for commercial complexes across the country:
      • Hobart commercial complexes
      • Sydney MLC office block
      • Casseldon Office tower
      • Pitt Street, Sydney office tower

      Lower energy consumption for high rise residential

      Highly efficient commercial boilers are reducing energy bills and helping to create sustainable and comfortable living spaces in our medium to high density areas. The benefits of hydronic heating and cooling solutions aren’t only for those residing in high rise residential properties, but also the developers and landlords. Incorporating hydronic solutions can be a marketing highlight for the increasing number of environmentally conscious landlords watching the market for their next investment. HydroHeat were involved in the following high rise residential projects:
    • No 1 Collins Street Melbourne
    • St Boulevard (luxury residential) - apartment pool heating

    Hydronic heating = year-round comfort for leisure and tourism

    With the ongoing increase of energy costs and the need to keep business profitable, efficiency and year-round comfort is paramount for both operators and guests of any leisure focused facility. Hydronic products are the driving force behind optimising comfort while significantly reducing energy consumption, able to seamlessly maintain an ideal climate, ensuring guests enjoy experiences while promoting sustainability in the leisure and tourism industry. HydroHeat are proud to have supported the following projects:
    • McCleland Gallery
    • Kingston Leisure Centre
    • The Ford Swim Centre
    • Warragul Aquatic Centre
    • Dandenong Aquatic Centre
    • Ballarat Aquatic Centre
    • Clarendon College Fitness Centre

    Consistent temperature control for retail centres of all sizes

    Any retail business wants to make the environment inviting to increase chances of customers remaining in store longer and making purchases. The climate of a retail environment is part of this picture, yet owners also want to ensure their running costs are efficient. Hydronic solutions can support retail spaces to create optimal customer and staff comfort in an energy efficient way.

    Supermarket rooftop plant

    A combination of ranging capacity hydronic boilers was selected and installed to upgrade the heating of this Melbourne based supermarket. Free standing boiler frames were also integrated onto the roof, all to support the sustainable heating of the retail space. HydroHeat have also supported the following retail projects:
    • 222 Bourke Street, Melbourne CBD
    • Bendigo Mail Centre
    Commercial boilers supplier

    Partner with HydroHeat for your commercial heating and cooling needs

    At HydroHeat, hydronic heating is our only focus. Established over 30 years ago and 100% Australian owned and operated, we are experts in the field and trusted partners of countless property developers and engineers. We hold a strong track record of successful consultation, product recommendation and installation of hydronic solutions for residential and commercial projects and work with developers on new builds and retrofits alike across all industries. Dedicated to the ongoing provision of highest quality service and import of premium European products direct to Australia for wholesale to trade and industry professionals. Our product range spans all hydronic heating solutions including:
    • Commercial hydronic boilers
    • Residential hydronic boilers
    • Boiler accessories
    • Heat pumps
    • Panel radiators
    • Trench heating
    • Heated towel rails
    • Pipe and fittings
    • Floor heating systems
    • Valves and accessories
    • Expansion vessels
    • Fluid management systems.
    Contact the team today to discuss your commercial project climate control.