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Hydronic heating boilers for commercial projects
Hydronic heating boilers for commercial projects

Hydronic heating boilers for commercial projects

14 December 2023
In the ever-evolving world of commercial property development, heating and cooling systems play a pivotal role in ensuring occupant comfort and energy efficiency. Enter hydronic commercial boilers: a cornerstone of commercial HVAC systems, offering efficient heating solutions for large-scale spaces. This article explores commercial boilers, including their functionality, differences from residential systems, energy efficiency and their comparison to heat pumps.

What boilers are used for in commercial projects

Commercial boilers, especially those designed for hydronic systems, are crucial for large-scale builds, such as:
  • Government buildings
  • Office complexes
  • Hotels and tourism venues
  • Shopping centres
  • Education settings including dormitories
  • Multi residential
  • Aged care centres
  • Hospitals and health care centres
These boilers heat water that circulates through a range of hydronic heating and cooling products, from wall mounted radiators and baseboard heaters to underfloor and trench heating systems. Warmth is evenly distributed throughout the premises and can be controlled by thermostat. The heated water then returns to the commercial boiler, where it is reheated to the set temperature and circulated again. This efficient loop system is the heart of the commercial hydronic set up, providing consistent heating solutions suitable for large commercial spaces.

How commercial boilers differ from residential

While the fundamental concept remains similar between commercial and residential boilers, there are notable differences:

Size and capacity: Commercial boilers are larger and possess a higher capacity to meet the demands of larger commercial spaces.

Complexity: Given the varied needs of commercial settings, these boilers often have multifaceted control systems that cater to different zones or areas within the one building.

Durability: Built for heavy duty operation, commercial boilers are robustly constructed to handle prolonged use.

Installation: Commercial boilers generally require specialised setups, particularly when incorporating underfloor heating or wall mounted radiators, to ensure optimal heat distribution.

Energy efficiency of commercial boilersr

Today’s commercial hydronic systems are designed with energy efficiency in mind. Many commercial boilers now feature modulating burners that adjust the burner output based on the heating demands of the building. This optimises fuel consumption. Additionally, many commercial boilers come with high-efficiency condensing technology, which uses waste heat to preheat the cold water entering the boiler, further improving efficiency ratings. Condensing boiler technology ensures higher performance of up to 96% efficiency with minimal energy wastage as found with traditional boilers.
Commercial boilers versus heat pumpsr
When it comes to fuel sources to heat water, there are options for commercial boilers on the market, with gas being the most common. Heat pumps exclusively use electricity.

Efficiency: Modern commercial boilers can achieve up to 96% efficiency, especially those that are backed by condensing technology. Heat pumps, particularly ground-source models, can offer the most impressive efficiency in milder climates as less energy is required than in extreme climate locations. If you’re basing efficiency on the energy brought in from the external atmosphere, heat pumps hit 100%, but you also need to factor in the electricity required to power it, which can bring it down. However, there’s also the option to pair the heat pump with a solar panel system, which can negate the electricity cost.

Investment: Upfront costs for purchasing and installing heat pumps are undeniably higher compared to boilers. However, ongoing operational and maintenance costs also need to be factored into the equation. As mentioned, pairing with solar power can shift the costs considerably, especially if your project is located in a sunny location.

Space requirements: Heat pumps, particularly the ground-source variety, can need considerable room to install. The specifications will really depend on the requirements of your project and the recommended product.
Product spotlight: BAXI commercial hydronic heating boilersr
Designed with leading European technology and manufactured for commercial applications, the BAXI range are high quality, energy efficient condensing products, with options to install wall mounted, or floor standing.

Luna Duo-Tec MP+ condensing boilerr

Best suited to light commercial applications, the Luna Duo-Tec MP+ is a compact, wall hung boiler that features gas condensing technology and a wide modulation range of 1:9. This enables smooth operation, energy efficiency, and reliability. Available in a range of outputs and options for both indoor and outdoor installation, it carries warranties covering two years for the boiler and five years for the heat exchanger.

Power HT+ condensing boiler

is offered as a floor standing option in compact dimensions. Approved for indoor and outdoor installation in a range of outputs, single unit installations and cascade systems support up to 16 boilers (16x250 = 4000kW).

Luna Duo-Tec MP+ condensing boiler

The BAXI Luna Duo-Tec MP+ Condensing Boiler is a compact wall hung boiler. It is suited for light commercial projects with outputs ranging from 35kW to 150kW. Similar to the Power HT+, there are models for indoor and outdoor applications.
BAXI Luna HT Condensing Boiler and BAXI Power HT Condensing Boiler
Previous commercial boilers from BAXI include the Luna HT and Power HT models. The Luna HT range has been replaced by the Duo-Tec MP+ range. Hydro Heat provide full warranty, servicing, and product support for the Luna HT range. However, if you need to replace Luna HT boilers on your project, it’s worth noting connection points for the Duo-Tec MP+ range are the same, meaning they can be directly changed over. The Power HT range has been replaced by the Power HT+ range, where we have a full range of spare parts available at Hydro Heat. If you’d like full specifications and installation sheets, you can access them via. our installers portal. Expert support and guidance from industry leaders At HydroHeat , we specialise in supporting commercial projects with hydronic heating and cooling solutions. We first brought BAXI boilers to Australia in 2002, a brand that is now synonymous with quality for commercial climate control. Understanding the nuances of hydronic heating systems and product options can significantly impact the success of projects. Whether you’re considering commercial underfloor heating or seeking a comprehensive HVAC solution, commercial boilers could be your answer. We are proud to be a 100% Australian owned and family operated business, in the industry for over 30 years. Contact the team today for support with your commercial project heating and cooling requirements.