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20 Years of BAXI in Australia

12 September 2022

HydroHeat are proud to celebrate our 20 year partnership with BAXI in Australia. HydroHeat first brought the BAXI name to Australian shores in 2002 and have grown the brand ever since to become Australia's premier range of Hydronic boilers.

BAXI are reknown as one of the leading Hydronic Boiler manufacturers globally, being produced in Italy and having a proud history dating back over 150 years. BAXI produce over half a million boilers a year and employ over 800 people, distributing to more than 82 countries worldwide as part of the BDR Thermea group, which has an annual turnover exceeding 1.7€ billion.

Still, in Australia 20 years ago BAXI was simply regarded as a foreign ‘European’ brand with no presence in our market, even if it was one of the biggest boiler manufacturers in Europe. This changed when HydroHeat Director, Anders Lund undertook to bring the Italian BAXI brand to Australia. From his European background and years of heating industry experience Anders was well aware of the excellence of BAXI products, and envisaged it was a perfect match for the emerging Australian Hydronics market, suiting our increasing awareness around energy efficiency and our need for better quality Hydronic boilers and components in Australia.

Anders was right and the Australian market responded quickly, recognising BAXI's superior quality and technology. Contractors saw the benefits of installing a quality boiler that would last and not require expensive and repeated warranty and break down callouts. HydroHeat and BAXI were the first to introduce low Nox boilers into the Australian market, which reduced boiler carbon footprint by up to 30% - 40%. BAXi have continued to lead the development of environmentally responsible boilers globally.

BAXi has grown in Australia in its 20 year presence and is now cemented as a brand that can be relied on year in year out, with readily available parts backed up by BAXI's huge global distribution and stock hold, and a local service network in Australia that is second to none. BAXI advancements in boiler technology have kept them at the forefront of wall hung and floor mounted gas hydronic boilers, using cutting edge condensing technology to maximise efficiency and extend lifespan. BAXI are experts in producing high output, scalable modular systems for commercial applications, as well as compact wall hung units for residential applications.

HydroHeat Technical Manager, Ivan Karula has been instrumental in growing the BAXI brand in Australia since the start. Ivan was a part of BAXI's initial introduction to Australia in 2002 and the certification of the first Luna 2000 boiler to Australian Standards. Ivan has been helping evolve and grow the BAXI brand in Australia ever since, developing and adapting BAXI products for the local market including the introduction of the BAXI Power HT, Australia's first ultra-efficient gas condensing boiler.

We are proud of our ongoing partnership with BAXI in Australia and are excited as BAXI continues to surge into the future with ever more efficient models and world first innovations such as its Hydrogen ready boilers to meet future renewable energy demands. HydroHeat and BAXI are also embracing an electrified future with the introduction of the Auriga range of Air to Water Heat Pumps to the Australian market.

Baxi20 A shipment of BAXI Luna 3 Boilers at Hydroheat Braeside, early 2000s.

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