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BAXI Boiler Efficiency Ratings

 BAXI Boiler Efficiency Ratings

How to Assess BAXI Boiler Efficiency ratings.

There is no Heating Boiler Efficiency Rating system in Australia, and there is unlikely to be for several years (until at least 2020). So when purchasing or selecting an efficient heating boiler the most effective comparisons can be made by referring to the ‘Sedbuk’ rating system used in Europe. ’Sedbuk’ is the accepted standard for the UK and Europe (Stands for; Seasonal Efficiency of a Domestic Boiler in the UK’) and effectively measures a boilers efficiency.

The lack of an Australian Heating Boiler rating system is made more confusing for the consumer as ‘Domestic Hot Water Boilers’ do have a rating system (The Aust Gas Assoc 6 Star Rating System), it is only ‘Heating Boilers’ that do not. This is because the Space Heating Boiler market in Australia is still relatively small compared to Europe, and the legislation & procedure required to put in place has not been undertaken.This means the consumer has to be extremely diligent in boiler selection to ensure the greatest efficiency. To establish a context, a standard Heating Boiler of the type found in most typical Australian installations (15 yrs or older) would be rated an ‘E’ to a ‘G’ on the Sedbuk scale. A more modern ‘traditional’ Boiler installation of the type currently being used would be rated a ‘D’. To compare, the entry level BAXI Luna3 ‘traditional’ type boiler is rated a ‘C’.

The newest form of boiler technology now available is known as ‘Condensing’ boiler technology. Condensing Boilers use waste heat in flue gases to pre-heat the cold water entering the boiler (in essence a kind of ’turbo charging’ for boilers). These Condensing Boilers have a higher initial cost outlay but offer far greater efficiency and pay back. HydroHeat have now introduced a complete range of BAXI Condensing Boilers for both Residential and Commercial use in Australia. The BAXI Duo-Tec GA+, BAXI Duo-Tec MP+, and BAXI PowerHT condensing boiler ranges are all rated ‘A’, the highest rating available.

It is evident by these comparisons that modern condensing boilers have advanced heating efficiency dramatically in the last few years, and BAXI is at the forefront of this innovation. The BAXI Duo-Tec range has the highest boiler efficiency rating of any boiler sold in Australia (up to 97%) and are amongst the most efficient in the world.

Sedbuk rating

How is the SEDBUK Rating Calculated?

A SEDBUK rating assesses what percentage of the fuel burned by the boiler is converted into heat. That percentage is then given a rating from A to G. SEDBUK can hence be used to estimate annual fuel running costs, a SEDBUK rating of ‘C’ or above is considered good.

Implications of Boiler Energy Efficiency

An efficient boiler will consume less fuel. It will produce less CO2. It will significantly reduce gas running costs