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BAXI Hydronic Heating Installation & Servicing

 BAXI Hydronic Heating Installation & Servicing

Get The Job Done Right with BAXI HydroHeat Trained Installers

Correct Installation and Maintenance is critical for any Hydronic Heating system. Hydronic heating is simple in concept but requires specialised installation to ensure the system is safe when operating and configured correctly to the BAXI boiler. HydroHeat provide BAXI hydronic boiler training to contractors to ensure they have the necessary expertise required. HydroHeat can recommend BAXI trained installers and service technicians Australia wide.

When using a contractor, always ask to view a Plumber’s License (looks just like a car license) and check accreditations. Also note any work undertaken by an apprentice should be supervised by a fully qualified plumber. Quality BAXI & HydroHeat Brands all carry AGA Certifications and approvals for use in Australia for hydronic heating systems. All gas appliances should be serviced every 12 months as per Govt Legislation.

If it’s not the best, it’s not from HydroHeat.

 BAXI Hydronic Heating Installation & Servicing