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Hydronic Heating F.A.Q

Hydronic Heating FAQ

Answers to commonly asked questions about Hydronic Heating.

What is hydronic heating?

It is a heating system widely used across Europe and the United States that uses water pumped around a building to create consistent and silent heat throughout a space. Water is pumped from an on-site boiler typically heated by gas or LPG. It is then distributed through small pipes into the hydronic floor slab heating or radiator panels for heating.

How does a Hydronic Heating System compare to Ducted Heating?

Traditionally Hydronic Heating costs between 2-3 times that of ducted to install. This cost can be quickly recovered over time by using the system efficiently. Average of 2/3rds running costs compared to Ducted. True radiant heat, but no forced air, dust mites or combustion burning fire. The luxury of Hydronic heating must be experienced to feel the difference.

How quickly can hydronic heating affect the temperature of a room?

Hydronic heating will noticeably affect the temperature of a room within 10-15 minutes. It is a slower system than ducted heating systems, quicker than wood fire. It’s efficiency and comfort surpass both.

Does hydronic heating make much noise?

No, it is a near silent form of heating which maintains the warmth of a building or room. Warm water is pumped from a boiler that can be installed externally at the side of the house or internally in a cupboard or boiler room.

I am concerned about allergies, is hydronic heating suitable for people with allergies or asthma?

There is no airflow with this form of heater system so no dust particles will be moved about by it. The heating is contained within the floor or on wall panels that are easy to dust or clean. This system is ideal for clean environments and is the system of choice for hospitals and laboratories.

Is hydronic heating safe for children?

Hydronic heating is one of the safest forms of warming a room available. Hydronic floor slab and panel systems do not get very hot and can be touched with bare skin by people of all-ages. The boiler is completely safe, but it is recommended that the unit is situated in a part of the house that is not accessible to children.

How efficient are BAXI Hydronic Boilers?

Hydronic boilers are the heart of the Hydronic heating system and their efficiency is key. BAXI boilers are extremely efficient, read about how they rank in the Sedbuk energy rating system.

Are Hydrogen boilers available now?

It isn’t yet possible to buy a 100% hydrogen powered boiler. But as the future approaches, the BAXI Duo-Tec E is ‘Hydrogen Capable’ and can blend 20% hydrogen into the natural gas mix to substantially reduce carbon emissions. Existing boilers, pipelines and fittings can stay in place as there is no need to replace the infrastructure. Using a hydrogen blend means households can continue to use their heating and hot water in the same way they do today without major changes to their central heating systems or homes.