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Leisure Centre goes for BAXI Duo-Tec MP+

06 May 2022

A Leisure Centre in Melbourne's City of Kingston recently undertook an upgrade to replace a single 917kW boiler with a bank of BAXI Duo-Tec MP+ condensing boilers. One of the two existing 917kW boiler was replaced by two banks of 4 x BAXI Duo-TEC MP+ 130kW indoor boilers, providing significant efficiency gains and energy savings for the centre. The other 917 kW unit remains as duty standby and redundancy back up if needed.

All eight BAXI boilers were pre-assembled onto a skid mount and tested off site, making the on site commissioning a simple process of less than a day. Off site pre-fab saves greatly on installation costs and on-site labour time, critically minimising down time between system changeover.

One of the key benefits of the bank of 8 x 130kW BAXI Boilers replacing the single unit was the cascade flexibility of the new boilers. The Duo-Tec MP’s have a built in modulation turn down ratio of 1:9, in addition to each boiler modulating in sequence when required. This provides only the necessary output to match the heat demand of the system at any time, thus only using energy required to meet demand. This also provides built in redundancy for maintenance and shut downs as individual boilers can be taken off line without impacting system operation.

The Siemens LMS 14 controller built into the Baxi units as standard, also allows for connection to Delta’s on site BMS system, where many aspects of the Baxi boilers operational metrics are now data managed and controlled through a safe web portal connection as required.

Contractor: UPR Plumbing

Equipment Supplied:

8 x BAXI Duo-Tec 130kW Indoor
Custom Stainless Steel Skid Frame
Individual Stainless Steel Flue System
AquaSystem Expansion Tanks
Siemens LMS 14 controllers (integration to DELTA BMS)

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