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Victoria Park Boiler Upgrade

22 July 2020

Victoria Park is the former home of the Collingwood Football Club and has been transformed into a major community recreation space. The multi million dollar upgrade includes a community centre and refurbishment of the stands as a first class facility for womens AFLW football. The new heating plant was installed as part of the Park’s upgrade.

A single existing 170 kW standard atmospheric boiler was replaced with 3 x Baxi Luna Duo-Tec MP+ 70 kW condensing boilers. The 3 new boilers combine to provide more than ample heating capacity with the main driver being that they allow the flexibility of cascade install.  The compact size of the boilers also allowed for easy installation to the roof top plant. 

The cascade solution provides redundancy built in to the heating system, as cascade heating enables part load redundancy by taking boilers offline without shutting down the entire heating plant. The MP+ boiler modulation/turn down ratio is 1:9 per boiler, therefore, the total heating plant has a turn down ratio of 1:27. The turn down ratio adjusts the heating output to demand and provides significant gains in heating efficiency and energy savings.

All the individual Duo-Tec MP+ boilers have push button LCD control panel to provide immediate and easy access to boiler information such as heating flow & return temperatures, energy consumption kW (heating), water pressure and flue temperature amongst other parameters.

Thanks to contractors Enviro Friendly Plumbing Aqueduct Heating Services who did an awesome job of the install.

Head here for more info about Victoria Park: https://www.yarracity.vic.gov.au/facilities/victoria-park

Equipment Supplied:

  • 3 Baxi Luna Duo-Tec MP+ 1.70 kW outdoor condensing boilers
  • Cascade controls
  • Flue
  • Hydraulic Separator
  • Heating Expansion Tank
  • RPZ Back flow Prevention unit
  • Condensate Treatment Tank
  • Chemical dosing kit
Victoria Park Boiler 007
Victoria Pk BAXI Boiler Upgrade 1
Victoria Pk BAXI Boiler Upgrade 2
Victoria Pk BAXI Boiler Upgrade 4
Victoria Pk BAXI Boiler Upgrade 3
Victoria Pk BAXI Boiler Upgrade 5
Victoria Pk BAXI Boiler Upgrade 6