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Melbourne Polytechnic Preston Campus

14 April 2020

The recent renovation of the Melbourne Polytechnic Preston Campus required a heating plant upgrade. New BAXI Power HT+ boilers were chosen to replace the two existing atmospheric boilers to provide a more efficient and cost effective heating system. The heating plant covers the heating requirements for the college learning spaces, Library, Cafeteria and Fitness Centre.

The 2 indoor standard efficiency Atmospheric boilers were decommissioned and a new heating plant was relocated to an outdoor roof top comprising of 3 new floor standing Baxi Power HT+ condensing boilers. These were installed in cascade together with associated accessories to provide a total heating capacity of 430 kW.

The new outdoor Power HT+ boilers are very compact in size with each boiler dimension being 750mm (depth) x 610 mm (width) x 1297mm (height). The compact size is ideal for retro fit installations such as this with limited access to a roof top plant. The boilers were able to be brought up to the roof via the elevators and stair wells with no crane in required for the installation.

The new condensing boiler heating plant has a max. efficiency of 98.1% (at 80º/60º), much higher in comparison to the standard efficiency of the atmospheric style boilers. All Baxi boilers are locally certified by HydroHeat through AGA and compliant for use in Australia.

The boiler modulation ‘turn down’ ratio is 1:5 (Boiler sizes 130-150 kW) therefore, the total heating plant has a turn down ratio of 1:15. The turndown ratio prevents short cycling and enables the boilers to adjust automatically to actual output demands.

Read more about BAXI Power HT+.

Equipment Supplied:

    • 3 floor standing outdoor Baxi New Power HT+ Condensing boilers
    • 430 kW+ Heating plant
    • Cascade Controls
    • Stainless Steel Hydraulic Separator
    • Heating Expansion Tank
    • RPZ Back flow Preventor
    • Condensate treatment Tank
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