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Hydronic Radiators for Student Hi-Rise Accom

20 November 2019

Over 500 Henrad radiators were used in this new build student accommodation hi-rise in Carlton. To support the expansion of Melbourne’s tertiary institutes and service the growing demand of Melbourne’s overseas student population, a student accommodation precinct has been nestled into the lower end of the Carlton community, contributing to a revitalisation of the area. Perched behind a heritage Art Deco building & former Printing Factory, the Bouverie Street project is a purpose-built 13 level building, providing accommodation facilities for 648 University of Melbourne students.

Selection of heating was a major consideration as the project was designed to achieve a 5 Green Star rating, and to deliver a first class facility and study environment for its tenants. To meet the diverse sleep and study needs of the students, and to enhance their wellbeing while studying, the obvious heating choice was hydronic.

Panel Radiators with appropriate outputs were selected for the varying room configurations and their corresponding heat losses (Access the HydroHeat/Henrad Radiator Sizing Calculator in our Trade Portal)

The radiator panel in each bedroom provides silent heat, with no exposed flames, electrical connections, flammable liquid or bottled gas for fire hazards, and allows adjustable temperature for optimum comfort in each individual room.

The Henrad panels are also supplied with VDI brackets which meet the German VDI standard 6036 class 3, so that safety is ensured in the event of improper use of the radiator, and that the installations are long-lasting for the end-users. (Refer to our News section for further information on the VDI brackets).

The team at Croft Contracting took up the challenge of professionally installing and commissioning over 500 off Henrad radiator panels, which were supplied level-by-level over the course of three months.

The selection of hydronic heating for this project has established it as a world class facility, and set it apart from other student accommodation residences.

System Spec:

  • 500 x Henrad Panel Radiators
  • 13 Level building housing 648 students
  • Individual temperature control in each room
  • 5 star Green Building rating
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Bouverie Street Student Accom1
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